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What Questions Do You Ask a Jacksonville Realtor Before Hiring Them?

What questions do you ask a Jacksonville realtor before hiring them? Choosing the right Jacksonville realtor to work with determines the success of your home buying or selling experience. You’ll need to evaluate each realtor’s communication style, experience, and suitability to your specific real estate goals.

In this post, our real estate experts at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team will share 12 questions you should ask when interviewing realtors in Jacksonville, whether you’re planning to buy or sell.

Key Takeaways:

  • When interviewing potential realtors, ask about their experience in the local market, credentials/specialties, communication style, negotiation approach, commission structure, and strategies for finding homes or marketing your property.
  • For buyers, inquire about the realtor’s strategies for identifying properties that match your preferences, including access to off-market listings.
  • For sellers, ask how the realtor will determine the optimal listing price, what marketing tactics they will use to promote the property, and how they will keep you informed throughout the sale process.

What Questions Do You Ask a Jacksonville Realtor Before Hiring Them? – 12 Things to Ask

What is your experience like in the local Jacksonville market? What neighborhoods do you specialize in?

Find out how many years the realtor has spent buying or selling homes in Jacksonville and which neighborhoods they typically work in. They should have in-depth knowledge of the local housing market trends, know where the most popular neighborhoods are, and be up-to-date on home prices and buyer preferences.

What credentials do you have? Are there any areas of real estate you specialize in?

A realtor’s credentials can let you know what type of real estate transactions they specialize in. For example, some realtors specialize in luxury homes, commercial properties, or working with first-time home buyers.

Can you explain the home buying or selling process to me?

If you’ve never bought or sold a home before, it’s a good idea to find a realtor who can explain the process to you. Look for a realtor who is willing to take the time to sit down with you, answer all your questions, and help you understand the complexities of the transaction.

How do you typically communicate with your clients? What is your availability like?

Find out what communication channels the realtor uses, how often they communicate with their clients, and their average response time. Ideally, a great realtor will communicate using whichever methods their clients prefer and have a very quick response time.

Can you provide references or testimonials from past clients?

References are a great way to find out more about the realtor’s customer service skills, what services they offer, and communication style.

How do you handle negotiations? What is your approach to securing the best deal?

Negotiation skills are important for buyers and sellers. Find out more about the realtor’s experience with negotiations and whether they have a track record of securing the best possible deal for their clients.

What is your commission rate, and how is it structured? Are there any additional fees or expenses I should be aware of?

Look for realtors who provide the best value for their commission rate. Learning the structure of a realtor’s fees is important for both buyers and sellers, but keep in mind only sellers have to pay the commission rate.

How will you protect my interests and ensure a successful experience? Can you provide examples of recent sales or purchases you’ve handled?

Asking these questions will give you more insight into the realtor’s customer service skills, what methods they use to advocate for their client’s interests, and what outcomes they typically secure for their clients.

For Buyers: What strategies will you use to help me find properties that match my preferences?

Find out more about what strategies realtors use to help buyers through the house-hunting process. The best realtors keep databases with the latest listings on the market, including off-market properties, making it easy to match buyers with the right home almost immediately.

For Sellers: How will you determine the right listing price for my property?

Ask the realtor about what factors they consider when determining a realistic asking price for a property. In addition, ask to see some of their sales statistics, including whether their listings usually sell at, above, or below their asking price.

For Sellers: What marketing strategies will you use to promote my property and attract buyers?

The best realtors use a combination of digital and traditional marketing strategies, and should sit down with you to create a customized marketing plan for your property. Find out what methods they typically use and ask for examples from previous sales. 

For Sellers: How will you keep me informed about the progress of the sale and offers from buyers?

It’s important for listing agents to keep you constantly updated about the progress of the sale. Find out how frequently you can expect updates and what communication methods they’ll use to keep you informed.

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