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The Best Realtor in Jacksonville: Do You Know Phil Aitken?

The Best Realtor in Jacksonville: Do You Know Phil Aitken?

Before you make any real estate decisions, you want to find out who the best realtor in Jacksonville is. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, you’ll only get top results when you know who the expert realtors are.

Just doing an online search won’t get you very far. After all, there are literally millions of agents in the country. Figuring out who to choose is the hard part. And if you don’t ask the right questions, all you’ll get are promises and sales pitches.

So, what should you actually look for in a realtor?

After all, who you choose could make thousands of dollars of difference when you buy or sell a home! 

This complete guide will walk you through clear considerations for both home buyers and sellers. It will reveal the best questions to ask and which criteria to use when choosing a realtor.

As you screen potential agents, are you asking:

  • How will you market my home?
  • Do you have 5-star client reviews?
  • Are you a local in my real estate market?
  • What involvement do you have in the community?
  • Do you give back and support charitable causes?
  • What kinds of guarantees and protections can you offer?

Have them answer these questions and check their track record. With information like this, you can more easily narrow to an agent that will get you the best deal.

These are the most important criteria to choose the best realtor in Jacksonville

Most people approach finding a realtor by asking friends and coworkers for a referral, or by searching online and maybe making a few phone calls.

That method will certainly find you a realtor – but this alone is not likely to find you the best one in Jacksonville.

The National Association of Realtors reports that there are more than 3 million active real estate licensees in the US. To thoroughly vet the agents you’re considering, it’s important to know the questions that will identify the best ones.

Here’s a guide specifically on which 10 questions you should ask an agent when you’re assessing their capability.

Now let’s talk about a few of those elimination factors.

1. The best realtor in Jacksonville will be a local

With so many people becoming realtors these days, it’s common for them to work in popular markets. National companies that have the money to spend on advertising will often be the top results in a search.

These big organizations have thousands of realtors in all kinds of markets, but they’re not locals. If the agent you’re considering is not local to your area, don’t work with them.

You want someone who understands the Jacksonville area neighborhoods you’re interested in moving to.

Ask questions like:

  • Did you grow up in Jacksonville or nearby in Florida?
  • How many years have you lived in the area where I’m shopping?
  • Do your kids attend schools in this district?
  • What are the local staple businesses and community events?

An agent who is not local will just search the internet for answers to questions you have about the area. But you can do that just as easily as they can!

When you choose a new community to live in, you want your realtor to know what the locals know.

You want them to tell you what the schools really like. They should be knowledgeable about local taxes and government. They’ll have an understanding of community benefits and struggles.

Find a realtor who knows Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, St. Augustine, Orange Park, and other nearby real estate markets you’re considering. A realtor that has experience in your market

Best Realtor in Jacksonville, Phil Aitken

2. Don’t work with a realtor who doesn’t know how to professionally market your home

When you’re selling a home in Jacksonville, you need to find the right homebuyers. You want lots of people to view your listing!

But often, new or lone agents don’t have the network or connections required. They probably won’t have marketing tools to get your house in front of the largest amount of home buyers.

Here are some good questions:

  • What tools and software do they have for marketing?
  • Do they have access to a database of qualified homebuyers?
  • Who writes the ads and materials for your listing?
  • Which types of marketing do they use – print, digital, word of mouth?

Only the best agents can reach your target home buyers quickly and in large numbers. 

3. Find a realtor who has many excellent reviews

The most experienced realtors who can provide top-tier service will have many 5 star reviews.

While a good word from friends and family isn’t the only criterion for a top realtor, it’s certainly an important one.

Make sure to check for good reviews on Google and other well-known sites. You can also ask around in the area about customer satisfaction.

A video of happy clients can also be a great way to find out how seasoned a realtor is. In today’s world, social proof is much more important than a realtor’s own word.

Testimonial – Phil Aitken Best Realtor in Jacksonville, FL

4. The agent you want to work with doesn’t just make money, they give back to the community

Moving into a new neighborhood and community is an investment into that community. When you’re making such a huge decision about where to base your entire life, don’t make it lightly.

Start your move right with a realtor who values the community and supports local causes

This is not just evidence that Jacksonville and surrounding areas are good places to live. If your realtor cares about the area, they’ll care about you as someone who’s moving there.

Plus, agents who give back to the community are keeping your money local.

5. The best realtor in Jacksonville will be involved in the community

On top of generously donating some of their profits to local, worthy causes, good agents will be involved in other ways.

Ask realtors you’re considering if they’re:

  • Involved in local city council
  • On any boards of directors
  • A member of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Active in networking and business groups

Only expert realtors will have a long history of success and growth in their business. They’ll be strong leaders and recognized for their community involvement.  

Your best realtor in Jacksonville is Phil Aitken

Whether you’re buying a house in Jacksonville or selling, Phil Aitken is the realtor you want to choose. We’ll discuss how he stacks up against the criteria we’ve already discussed, but there’s more.

Phil got his real estate license in 2005 and has been building a top real estate agency since then. The growth of his business has been incredible and that’s because of his leadership and experience. 

His business is run locally in Jacksonville, Florida, and his team of real estate agents are the best in their districts. 

Best Real Estate Agency in Jacksonville, Florida: Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team is the Best Realtor

Phil has been recognized as top realtor in Jacksonville many times. Including in 2022 by FastExpert.

As a man of faith, Phil wants to support his local community and service his clients with absolute top-notch service. His team is proud to have nearly 70% repeat clientele and customer referral consistency. In 2021, his team ended the year with over $40 million in total sales volume.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – the Phil Aitken Home Team now has three top realtors and eight total team members. Each one will all provide you with excellent service. 

If you want to work with the best, work with Phil.

Getting to know Phil and why his story has impacted his business

Not every realtor starts out as successful and experienced as Phil is now – including himself!

In 2009, the recession was hitting his family like it was everyone else. He only made $23,000 that year. That’s not nearly enough for a family with two children. On top of that, his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

Unable to pay his house payment, he nearly lost his home. This difficult time gave him the understanding and sympathy for his clients who have similar struggles.

Phil is thankful to God that his wife is now cancer-free and his business is growing. Today, he wants to help aspiring homeowners and home sellers like you.

You can read all about Phil Aitken’s story here.

Phil Aitken is a realtor Jacksonville is lucky to have in the community

Phil and his team are not just great people to work with, they’re experts at what they do. The Jacksonville area is lucky to have such a great team locally.

If you want to buy or sell a home in Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Fleming Island, Ponte Vedra Beach, or other areas of Florida, contact his team.

As an active member of the JAX Chamber, Phil stays involved in the community. He’s even been awarded a winner of the Small Business Leader of the Year.

His clients love working with him and other realtors and business owners look up to him.

Testimonial – Phil Aitken Best Real Estate Agent in Jacksonville, FL

How Phil gives back to the community in Jacksonville by supporting worthy causes

Phil and his team are passionate contributors to the Tim Tebow Foundation (TTF) which fights to save children from human trafficking.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team best realtor in Jacksonville

The goal is to raise $100,000 for the foundation and help protect children who are in danger. You can also help kids in need. When you refer a family, friend, neighbor or co-worker to Phil’s team, you are actually giving back to TTF.

As a partner of TTF, The Phil Aitken Home Team continues to make an impact in the Jacksonville community. But it’s not just Florida – the people who are reached by the foundation live around the world. Phil is thankful to be able to fight human trafficking in Ghana, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

When you buy or a sell a home with the Phil Aitken Home Team, you’ll get expert marketing

Selling a house in Jacksonville requires several important steps to succeed. In fact, many people don’t even know exactly what happens between listing and closing a home sale.

When you work with the Phil Aitken Home Team, the entire process of selling a home is clear. You’ll get personalized marketing and ads and lots of exposure to your target homebuyers.

The best realtors in Jacksonville know how to effectively market their listed properties. 

Because Phil has been so successful in several Florida real estate markets, many people claim you won’t get to personally work with him. But the truth is that his team approach increases reach without sacrificing personal service.

In addition to great customer service, Phil has exclusive marketing resources. He personally writes or approves every marketing flyer, web page, print ad, and brochure.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – the Phil Aitken Home Team has an efficient marketing system. Your home will be seen by thousands of qualified homebuyers. Other buyer’s agents also come to Phil for his excellent listings.

If you want to make sure your home in Jacksonville sells for the highest price, work with Phil. 

You can count on professional marketing that includes:

  • A custom marketing plan
  • Ads and sales sheets
  • Exposure on hundreds of websites
  • Promotional postcards
  • Your listing sent to an exclusive email list of realtors
  • Top-tier buyer prospecting by Phil’s team
  • A Guaranteed Sale Agreement
  • And many more features…

To understand more about how the Phil Aitken Home Team will get your home sold fast, it’s easy. There are tons of free resources and guides on this website that will answer your questions.

At the end of the day, every home seller wants to get top price and sell fast. Other agents cannot offer you the kind of performance that Phil can, as the best realtor in Jacksonville.

What you should know as a home seller working with the Phil Aitken Home Team 

Phil and his team are dedicated to making your home sale a positive experience. Sadly, too many people end up unhappy with their realtor.

The good news is you don’t have to take it on faith. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – the Phil Aitken Home Team will sell your home, guaranteed, or buy it back.

And that’s not the only written promise you can get when you sell a home with Phil!

The best realtor in Jacksonville doesn’t just promise to sell, he guarantees it

Even if a realtor meets all the requirements listed earlier for reliable agents, can they make your life easier?

What kinds of guarantees will they give you when you sell a home with them?

The Phil Aitken Home Team offers 6 Home Seller Guarantees that will protect you when you sell. They guarantee you will both get top dollar and make the sale risk-free.

Phil’s clients love working with him so much because he gives Home Seller Guarantees other agents can’t.

When you choose Phil to sell a home in Jacksonville, you don’t have to worry about losing time or money. Even in tough economies and cooling markets.

If you’re selling one house to buy another, Phil will find your dream home and guarantee a sale

Buying a new house can be tricky if you already own a home. If you sell too soon, you may need to find interim housing. But if you buy too soon, you’ll have double costs for two mortgages and maintenance on both houses.

Phil Aitken can take all the stress out of buying and selling at the same time. He’ll guarantee the sale of your current home no matter what.

A special Guaranteed Sale Program promises that if your previous home doesn’t sell in an agreed amount of time, Phil’s team will buy it from you for cash!

The last thing you want to do is get stuck with two homes. In recent months, the local markets have been cooling off. Homebuyers are nervous about the economy and demand is beginning to wane.

But whatever happens in the market, you can avoid getting stuck with two homes. Just take advantage of Phil’s written guarantees.

Sell your house in Jacksonville completely risk-free

When you first consider selling your Jacksonville house, it can take time to reach a final decision. Selling is a big deal and you don’t want to make it lightly.

That’s why the Phil Aitken Home Team has an exclusive protection agreement for you as a home seller.

You can get an Easy Exit Guarantee that promises you can cancel your listing any time before receiving an offer. Most realtors want to lock you into a listing agreement with time requirements and cancellation fees.

This will not happen when you list a house with Phil Aitken.

Everyone selling a house in Florida wants to get the best possible price. This is completely possible but you have to know what you’re doing.

In order to get top dollar for your house, you need to work with experts in the local market. They need proven systems and connections to the most buyers.

The reason Phil can offer the kinds of seller guarantees that he does is because of his track record.

Phil’s team:

  • Sells 120+ homes per year in local Greater Jacksonville markets
  • Has a database of over 4600 qualified home buyers
  • Sells homes 4x faster than other agents
  • Sells homes at 5.1% more than asking price

When you sell a house with Phil and his team, you’re totally protected and guaranteed to succeed. Not only that, you’ll receive the best customer service and attention to detail.

What home buyers can expect when they work with the best realtor in Jacksonville

If you’re a home buyer looking to move to Jacksonville or other areas in Florida, Phil is your man.

Don’t settle for a real estate agent who simply finds listings and makes an offer for you. Work with someone who knows the best strategies for saving cash when you buy a house.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a home purchase. A seasoned agent who knows the local market will help you avoid them before they happen.

The best realtor in Jacksonville will have tips to help you get financing. They’ll also know what makes a top agent versus an underperforming one because they’ve seen it all. Understanding what matters when you hire an agent can mean thousands of dollars in savings.

In addition, if you’re hoping to sell your house For Sale by Owner (FSBO) there are considerations. Phil and his team can give you the best advice to get it done right and avoid losing money. 

There are also several home buyer guarantees that the Phil Aitken Home Team offers to keep you protected. You’ll be guaranteed to save thousands of dollars if you choose to work with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – the Phil Aitken Home Team.

You can start house hunting right away in Jacksonville with the best realtor in the area!

A Buyer Cancellation Guarantee will make sure you can change your mind

Maybe you’ve been thinking about buying a house in Jacksonville for a while. Perhaps you’ve been saving a downpayment or trying to decide which neighborhood to live in.

It can be scary to sign a buyer’s agreement with an agent. You don’t want to get stuck in a deal that’s more expensive than you bargained for. Or, imagine you end up with a house you don’t love because you couldn’t get out of the agreement.

When you choose Phil as your realtor, you can house shop risk-free. A Buyer Cancellation Guarantee protects you in case you want to back out.

If, at any time before making an offer, you decide you’d rather not buy with Phil, you can canel. There’s no obligation and you’ll have it in writing before you start!

Phil is confident that you’ll be happy with his service. That’s why he’s willing to allow you out if that’s what you decide. His dedication to 100% client satisfaction is unparalleled.

If you have home buyer questions, there are lots of free resources available to you

When you’ve made the decision to start house hunting, get in touch with Phil Aitken. He has lots of free information online that will answer all your homebuyer questions.

There are all kinds of reports, guides, tools, and services available to you right here. In fact, Phil has compiled info for you so you don’t have to extract it from other, more cagey realtors.

Some of the valuable guides and resources you can get are:

In addition, get current updates and news about what’s happening in the Jacksonville market, in the monthly newsletter and a FREE Florida Relocation Guide.

How to start your real estate career and work with the Phil Aitken Home Team

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – the Phil Aitken Home Team is also looking for ambitious people to work with. If you want a career in the Florida real estate market, come and join an incredible team.

Phil and his team are looking for:

  • 40-hour workweek real estate agents
  • Ambitious agents looking for opportunities
  • Real estate office help
  • Real estate assistants

You can join others looking to break into the exciting world of real estate. Top-performing teams like Phil’s need the best people to join them.

If you’re an agent, you can finally stop cold calling, prospecting, and trying to wrangle motivated sellers. You’ll make a good living and join a system that makes it easy for you to get great results.

Is it time to contact Phil Aitken, the best realtor in Jacksonville?

Whether you’re buying or selling a home in Jacksonville, Florida, you can finally end your search for the best realtor in Jacksonville.

There are many reasons to work with Phil, but if you want to be objective, know what the important Agent Selection Criteria are. You’ll find out why Phil and his team are a great fit.

To find out more about Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – the Phil Aitken Home Team, check out:

You can talk to a real estate expert right away when you contact the team. Also, get VIP Insider Access to see exclusive resources and the Buyers and Sellers Toolkit.

If you’re ready to talk to someone or get started, give Phil’s team a call at (904) 544-5252. You’ll quickly be on your way to your real estate dreams when you reach out to the Phil Aitken Home Team.

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