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Phil Aitken

Should You Sell Your House in 2023?

Homeowners are wondering if 2023 is the right time to sell their house amid a fluctuating real estate market. With rising interest rates and falling prices in some areas, it’s a valid question. This article explores the current market conditions, regional variations, and key considerations to help homeowners make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways:

  • The market still looks promising in 2023 for sellers despite recent changes
  • Conditions vary hugely by location – Texas is strong but California looks riskier for sellers in 2023.
  • It’s critical to consider broader market factors along with your local area and personal situation when deciding whether to sell.

Market Conditions Support Selling in 2023

The market in 2023, while cooling from its peak, is still active in many areas like Texas. Home sales and new listings suggest there is still solid demand despite higher mortgage rates. This indicates that for many homeowners, selling this year could be advantageous.

However, the national picture obscures regional differences. Let’s look at some key states:

Florida – Cautious Optimism

The Florida housing market is mixed. Interest rate fluctuations and patches of high supply mean homeowners need to assess their local conditions before selling. Monitoring demand, pricing trends, and mortgage rates will be key. There are still opportunities in 2023 but also risks. Read more about the Florida market and whether it is a buyers or sellers market.

California – Concerning Outlook 

California predictions show home sales decreasing more sharply than the nation overall, with higher median price declines. This paints a more cautious picture and emphasizes checking local conditions before you sell. 

Texas – Still an Opportunity

In Texas, the resilient real estate market and high demand present an opportunity to sell in 2023. Despite rising mortgage rates, home sales have held up well, and new listings show there is still competition for the right homes.

Consider Your Whole Situation

While the market suggests opportunity, broader trends must be balanced with local conditions and your needs. Will rising rates erode buyer demand in your area? Is the supply and demand balance shifting? What do experts forecast for your region in 2023?

Weigh up these macro factors along with your personal situation. Why do you want to sell and what motivates your timeline? Be informed on both the wider market and your local area before deciding.

Sell Your House in 2023 and Move Into New Construction

If you decide the time is right to sell in 2023, new construction homes present an appealing move-in option for many. Builders are motivated – incentives like free upgrades, mortgage rate buydowns, and closing cost assistance make new builds attractive. By selling your current home to move into a new property, you can capitalize on builder incentives and get ahead on pricing as interest rates potentially rise further.

Additionally, builders construct homes meeting the latest building codes and feature cutting-edge materials and design elements. New construction allows you to select customized finishes aligned with your lifestyle and needs. And there is no immediate maintenance required – meaning you can move in and settle without unexpected repairs or upgrades.

While factors like limited resale value, potential construction delays, and closing cost should also be considered, the perks and current market conditions may make moving from an existing home into new construction the best option in 2023 and into 2024.

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