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How to Keep Your Pets Calm and Stress-Free During a Move

Tips on Making the Move Easier to Keep Your Pets Calm

Moving is stressful. No matter how many times you have completed the moving process or how organized you are when it comes to coordinating with moving companies, transferring your family and your belongings to another location is not easy, especially with a large family. While adults and children will certainly feel the stress of moving, many homeowners do not consider another member of their family that may also be affected – their pets. In this post, we look at ways to keep your pets calm during a move.

Pets are extremely sensitive to the feelings and emotions of their owners, and they can sense when you and your family are stressed out during a move. They are also at a disadvantage when it comes to these types of processes because they cannot be told what is happening in the same way that your children can. Even if you did tell your pet what was going on, they would likely just stare at you before rolling over for some belly rubs. That means you have to be extra aware of their feelings during this stressful time.

Try to Put Yourself in Your Pet’s Paws

Animals, much like some humans, are creatures of habit, and they are not fond of changes to that routine. When something major happens in their lives such as a move from one home to another, they can become very stressed out and anxious. Unfortunately, you cannot assuage their anxiety just by letting them know what is going on. 

Imagine walking into a room of your home one day to find that your significant other is piling everything into boxes with no warning or discussion. You would probably be pretty confused. Thankfully, you could ask questions and find out what is happening. Animals experience the same situation, but they do not have the ability to ask questions when they see your family busily packing away everything they are used to seeing.This can lead to serious stress.

Stress from Moving Can Lead to Bad Behavior

When animals are afraid, anxious, or upset about something, some of them can react aggressively or begin participating in destructive behaviors. They are not trying to be bad pets, but they have no way of dealing with their emotions or getting relief from the anxiety so they act out. 

When you are moving from one home in Jacksonville to another, be sure to take into account your pet’s feelings and emotions. Do not just ignore them or get them out of harm’s way. Be sure to comfort them and let them know that everything is going to be ok.

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