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Asking the Right Price for Your Jacksonville Area Home

How to Get the Price You Want (and Need) When Asking the Right Price

There are a multitude of factors to consider when you begin the process of selling a house in Jacksonville, Florida. Other than making sure the house is ready for potential home buyers to tour it and finding the right real estate agent to help you through the entire process, you need to figure out how to price your home so that you make a good profit but is reasonable enough for homebuyers to consider buying it.

When homebuyers begin their search for their next new home, one of the first things they look for is a specific price range. For the most part, homebuyers have a set budget range that they truly do not want to exceed. When they start to scroll through the local real estate listings in Jacksonville, price will be one of (if not the) top factors that will influence their decision to buy a home or go to the next one. 

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team in Jacksonville, our real estate agents like to consider the asking price for your home as its first impression to potential homebuyers. This impression should always be a good one, so the pricing decision needs to be carefully considered. With this new special report “Pricing Your Home: How to Get the Price You Want (and Need),” home sellers like you will find out exactly how to set their asking price in our current real estate market.

Everything a Home Seller Needs to Know about Their Pricing Strategy in Jacksonville

Setting the asking price of a home for sale in Jacksonville, FL, is a tough balancing act that takes research and skills to do properly. If you price it too low, homebuyers may think something is wrong with the home and you will not be making much of a profit. Priced too high, you will send many homebuyers back to the listings in search of a home that is closer to their price range. Depending on the price you set, you may not even get prospective homebuyers into the home to take a tour.

With all of this at stake when it comes to selling a home, you need to be able to set your price competitively. Many home sellers will turn to their real estate agents to help them figure out a reasonable asking price. You can also help yourself by doing some of your own research. This can include looking at comparable properties throughout the city and also looking at homes in the neighborhood that have sold. But there is more to it than that, and it is imperative that you have all of the necessary information.

How to Figure Out the Right Asking Price for Your Jacksonville Home

If you need to set a reasonable asking price for your home for sale in Jacksonville, having plenty of information and resources at your disposal is critical. With 10 years of industry research, experts compiled a new study that details the best ways to learn how to set an asking price and what factors to consider. This report, “Pricing Your Home: How to Get the Price You Want (and Need),” can be critical in helping you get top dollar for your home without turning away potential homebuyers.

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team, our real estate agents are offering this report to homebuyers like you absolutely FREE of charge and with no obligation or commitment to sell a home in Jacksonville. All you need to do is fill out the form below, and the report will be instantly delivered to you in the best format. You will learn a tried and true pricing strategy that will ensure you attract potential homebuyers and get the maximum amount of money for your home.

Access Your Copy of the Report for FREE

If you are looking for this type of industry insider knowledge, fill out the form with the requested information and get your copy today. You can also contact us at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team here or call me directly at (904) 544-5252 to discuss your home and its asking price.

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