9 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

9 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

It is not uncommon for sellers to question why their home isn’t selling.  Sometimes, the answer is unclear.  However, most scenarios suggest commonalities.

The Aitken Home Team presents nine reasons why your house is not selling:

1. Poor Pics

Perhaps you have elected to save money by photographing your home yourself.  While this might seem like a good idea, your photos are likely standing in the way of an expedient sale.  Factors such as pixelation, scale, and resolution must be taken into account when photos are posted to a live listing.  Perhaps your pictures are fuzzy or do not accurately reflect the potential of a given space.  High-quality photos are key in real estate listings as the pictures are the first impression for prospective buyers and their agents.  Many buyers are turned off when they see bleary photos and won’t hesitate to pass on a property if they cannot abide by the pictures.  Consider investing in a professional real estate photographer.  It’s worth every penny!

2. Inflated Price

More often than not, the number one reason homes sit on the market for weeks and months on end is due to poor pricing.  Inflated price tags equal increased days on the market.  Home pricing is a skill and should be based on an educated strategy formed from local comps, demographics, zip codes, and current market status.  If you are unsure as to whether you have priced your home to accurately reflect the market, consider hiring an appraiser or contacting an experienced realtor to best advise you regarding price.  

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3. Inexperienced Agent

Hiring an experienced real estate agent is always the best route to go when selling a home.  Today’s contract laws, buyer financing, and negotiations are more complicated than ever before and many homeowners have a tough time handling emotions while delicately maneuvering through a real estate transaction.  Consider hiring a realtor who specializes in your specific neighborhood, who knows market trends, and researches pricing to the hilt.  Do not select a “yes man” realtor who will go along with anything in everything simply to make a buck.  A good agent will tell you what you don’t want to hear and work to advocate in your best interest.  Do not allow a cheap, inexperienced realtor to navigate your sale.  It will only cost you more money in the long run.

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4. Poor Marketing

Many sellers working independently of a realtor rely on open houses to sell their homes.  Exposure is a great marketing strategy, however, open houses normally attract window shoppers above prospective buyers.  Speak with your experienced realtor to decide how often open houses will be hosted and how they will lend to a strong marketing campaign.  

5.  Staging Issues

The truth hurts, but here we go: it’s possible your house is ugly.  Perhaps your kitchen is stuck in the 1950s, your lawn is a graveyard for old cars and you have zero curb appeal.  Professional cleaning, stagers, and one heck of an agent might be just the right crew for you.  Also, consider the smell of your property.  Is it fresh and clean or does it smell like Fido?  These are all serious factors to consider.  Remember, as a seller, it is your job to present the best possible product to the market.  You want buyers to WANT your home, not avoid it.  

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6. Clutter

Clutter doesn’t always mean what people think it means.  Clutter can be as simple as a myriad of family photos lining walls or framed pics of personal memories scattered about the home.  When you are selling your home, it is important to depersonalize by packing away those precious photos.  It is tough for buyers to see themselves living in your home when they are constantly faced with photos of you.  A clean slate is crucial to the expedient sale of a home.  Consider storing away your photos until you can display them in your new residence.

7. Flexibility

It is important to be extremely flexible for showings and open houses. There is nothing more frustrating to a prospective buyer (especially one who is in a time crunch) than not being able to view a home in their own time frame.  Yes, showing is inconvenient to sellers, however, a home will not sell if it cannot first be shown.  It is important to keep your house picked up and clean at all times.  Showing can occur at the drop of a hat, so be prepared!  This process will be much easier if you can pack away anything that you won’t need to be used until you relocate to a new home.  Animals should be removed from the property during a showing if possible.  In the event that you cannot take your pets with you, perhaps ask a neighbor or family member to care for them until the home is sold, or be sure to crate your dog(s) during showings. Having pets present during showings can be a liability for you, as a seller, as you do not know who will be entering your home.  A stranger can also be stressful for your pets, invoking unusual behaviors such as biting, barking, or urination.  Protect your pets and make arrangements for them beforehand. 

8. Agent Presence

It is not necessary for you or your agent to be present during a showing.  In fact, buyers find this approach pressuring and intimidating.  The best-case scenario for any show is to have the buyer present with their own agent so that they are free to discuss likes, dislikes, finances, etc.  Ask your agent about securing a lockbox for your home as this will enable a smoother process.

9. Timing

Timing is everything.  Homes in various parts of the country have their own peak markets.  What sells in the northeast in the spring may not sell in the midwest at the same time.  Consult with your realtor in order to determine the best time to put your home on the market.

There is no easy way to sell a home.  Successful sellers pay attention to details, do market research, hire professionals and keep a clean, tidy product.  

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