3 Tips for Removing Sparky’s Odor

3 Tips for Removing Sparky’s Odor

You’ve just purchased a new home, moved in, everything is unpacked and the moment you’ve been eagerly awaiting has arrived: you can finally sit back and relax…or can you?  Perhaps you’ve encountered the scent of a dog intermittently throughout your unpacking process.  You don’t own a dog, so you’ve attributed the smell to your imagination.  

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Here’s the reality of our country: 73% of Americans have owned a dog and the fragrance you’ve been experiencing isn’t likely to dissipate all by itself.  The skin of a dog produces natural oils in order to maintain good health.  That oil is known for leaving a scent.  In the event that a dog is in poor health, the animal’s natural body oil can become all the more potent.  Obviously, this odor is not exactly what you had in mind when you envisioned a warm, welcoming environment in your new home and you are on a mission to eliminate any and all dog odor pronto!

The Aitken Home Team presents three tips for removing Sparky’s scent from your home:

1. – The Natural Route

Baking soda is going to be your new best friend should you choose the all-natural route for removing dog odor.  Experts recommend a generous sprinkling of baking soda on your carpet followed by a twenty-four-hour marination period and good vacuuming in order to soak up less than desirable pet odor.  You could also attempt to spray stinky areas with vodka as it will remove smells upon evaporation.  You may need to do this a few times in order to achieve results.  

2. – Air Purifier  

Air purification is key, but it is costly.  Homeowners can expect to spend as much as $594+ on air purifiers specifically designed to target pet smells.  Make sure to purchase one with a HEPA filter in order to trap 99.97% of particles.  A good air purifier will cover up to 1,500 square feet of stinky space.  Ask your vet or local pet store owner about which brands would be best for you.  

3. Mild Chemical Solutions: The Big Guns

If you are dealing with a particularly stubborn odor, veterinarians recommend Fresh Wave.  This product is a gel-based, mild chemical solution that contains extracts of soy, lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove, and cedarwood.  Fresh Wave does not contain ‘masking’ fragrances and is a continuous-release product that is safe to use around humans.  This is an odor-neutralizing product that is easy on the wallet at roughly $39.03.  

For an offensively aggressive approach, try Citrus Magic Pet Odor Eliminator which is known to neutralize pet odor on contact and can be used on any surface as it is a noncorrosive, stain-free formula.  This product consists of veggie enzymes and runs roughly $9.40.   And…wait for it…you can even spray directly on the offender! 

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