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How much do I have to put down to buy a house?

Are you wondering what your deposit should be when you make an offer to buy a house? In this video, we explain how much your binder deposit needs to be. We also provide answers to common questions like…

  • What is a binder deposit or earnest money deposit?
  • How much binder deposit do I need to have saved?
  • Should my binder deposit be higher or lower than average?
  • How can I make my offer stand out?

How Much is The Earnest Money or Binder Deposit?

Planning to buy a home in Jacksonville? If so, you might be wondering how much you can expect to pay for the earnest money deposit, also known as the binder deposit.

Earnest money deposits are an amount of money that you put into an escrow account to show the home seller you’re serious about purchasing their property. Once the deal goes through, the funds are applied toward your down payment and closing costs.

Understanding how much you can expect to pay for the earnest money deposit can better prepare you for the process and help you create an accurate budget. In this post, our real estate professionals at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team will answer several questions related to earnest money deposits.

Is the Earnest Money Deposit Necessary to Bind the Contract?

Earnest money deposits aren’t legally required in most cases, though this could depend on your location. However, they are standard practice in the industry.

Even though earnest money deposits aren’t technically required, they might be necessary to secure a home in a highly competitive market. When there are multiple qualified buyers, your earnest money deposit can be the difference that separates you from the competition.

Is the Earnest Money Deposit the Same as a Binder Deposit?

Yes, the terms “earnest money deposit” and the “binder deposit” refer to the same thing.

Who Holds the Earnest Money Deposit?

The earnest money deposit is typically held by a neutral third party. This could include:

  • Title company
  • Escrow service
  • Bank
  • Real estate attorney
  • Listing agent’s real estate brokerage

Who Keeps the Earnest Money Deposit if the Buyer’s Financing Falls Through?

In most cases, you can get your earnest money deposit back if the deal falls through. This might be the case if the home inspection or appraisal turns up unexpected issues with the home, your deal with the lender falls through, or you’re unable to sell your previous home.

However, if you back out of the deal for no reason, the home seller may be able to keep your deposit.

Before you pay the earnest money deposit, you’ll work with your realtor to negotiate a contract with the seller and their agent. This contract will specify the exact scenarios that allow you to get your earnest money deposit back. Your realtor will make sure the terms of the contract protect your interests.

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