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How to Downsize Your Home as an Empty Nester

When you are just beginning your life as a family, one of the things that becomes important is the need for a larger home to accommodate the increasing number of children in your house. As your children grow, you become accustomed to the noise and clamor associated with a large family. 

When your children become old enough, they will decide to move out of your home and into their own homes and apartments. As they leave your house, you will notice the noise begins to quiet, and you will be left with plenty of open space and empty rooms. 

During your retirement years, though, you may not need so much space, and you will likely begin to question if you still need to be in such a large home without any children to take up the room. If this sounds familiar, you may be what we call an “Empty Nester” and looking to downsize your home.

Many parents whose children have moved out of their homes have become Empty Nesters. You are not alone in that feeling. To help you navigate this new situation, our real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team in Jacksonville are offering you access to a FREE report from experts in the industry called The Empty Nester; How To Sell A Place You Call Home. A report to downsize your home.

This can be a difficult and emotional transition for any parent, and our report is designed to help guide you through the home buying and home selling process as an Empty Nester. And our skilled real estate agents will make sure we find you the perfect home for your retirement years.

How to Downsize Your Home as an Empty Nester

There are a few common mistakes that many Empty Nesters in the Jacksonville area make when trying to find a new home for the next stage of their lives. Here are a few tips to make sure you do not make the same problems which could cost you thousands of dollars:

1. Understand What’s Motivating Your Sale…and Mum’s the Word!

If you decide to sell a home in Jacksonville, FL, the reason for that sale is entirely your own. That reason will have an effect on the price you set in the real estate market listing as well as the time, energy, and effort you invest in the marketing of your home. 

When you downsize your home, it is important to understand the most critical factors of that sale. These include:

  • Your selling price
  • How long your home is on the real estate market
  • Finding a great home for retirement 
  • Finding a the right buyer

Depending on your goals for selling a home, you and your real estate agent will work to determine the right strategy for selling it. Even though it is common for Empty Nesters to sell their family homes and start anew for their retirement years, this is something that should only be revealed to your realtor. 

Do not, under any circumstances, let any potential home buyers know your motivation for selling a home in Jacksonville. This could give home buyers and their real estate agents leverage during the negotiating phase. 

2. Make a Great First Impression with Home Buyers

Whenever you are meeting someone for the first time, it is critical that you make a great first impression. Much of that impression has to do with your appearance. The same is true for your home’s first impression with potential home buyers in Jacksonville. 

While you may not be able to do anything about the location of your home or the floor plan (without major and expensive renovation work), you can ensure that it makes as fantastic a first impression as possible. This will work to maximize the sales potential of your home. 

One of the most important points to remember about the home selling process is that many home buyers make their decisions based on emotions. To ensure that the home buyers have a great emotional response to your home, the look and feel of your home should work to invoke those emotions. 

The best ways to get these emotions out of potential home buyers include cleaning, straightening, decluttering, scouring, dusting, and fixing absolutely anything that appears to be out of whack or malfunctioning. Even if you think it may be insignificant, repair it! You never know what could be the “make or break” difference for a home buyer.

With a clean and beautiful home, potential home buyers will be able to envision themselves and their families moving into the home that served your family so well.

3. Stay Where You Are Until the Sale Is Done

No matter what type of home you are selling in Jacksonville, it is important that the house does not appear to be vacant, forlorn, or forgotten. In fact, studies have determined that it is more difficult to sell an empty home than one which appears to be full of life and happiness. That means the current homeowner should remain in the home until it actually sells. 

Moving out also tells potential home buyers that you are highly motivated to sell a home quickly. This could give them leverage during the negotiations and cost you thousands of dollars because they believe you may be willing to accept a low offer. 

Downsize Your Home: Our Home Sales Are Guaranteed!

Unlike many real estate agents, our home selling and home buying processes come with guarantees. This includes the purchase of a new home with our Buy It Back Guarantee. 

If you are not satisfied with your home purchase, Phil Aitken Will Buy it Back – Guaranteed!

If you are an Empty Nester home seller looking to move into retirement years, you will likely need to downsize your home. We can help! Our experienced real estate agents are happy to guide you through the entire process of selling a home and then finding a new home to buy in Jacksonville. 

Call us today at (904) 544-5252 to get more information about moving on as an Empty Nester or fill out the form below with the requested information. We can’t wait to help you make your retirement years as fulfilling as your parenting years!


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