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Avoid These Cash Offer Scams in Jacksonville When You Sell Home

Don’t accept a cash offer before you consider these possibilities that could spell disaster

When you put your house up for sale, it’s not uncommon to receive attractive cash offers. Especially in hot markets. Common cash offer scams in Jacksonville, could potentially lose you thousands of dollars – or even your home!

Every buyer is looking for a desperate seller. In addition, it’s way too common that homeowners don’t know the true value of their home. This is just one reason to be careful before accepting a cash offer. 

Our team of expert realtors will help you identify potentially sketchy offers before you sell your house for cash.

Avoid These Cash Offer Scams in Jacksonville When You Sell Home
Don’t Fall for Cash Offer Scams

Keep an eye out for unexpected cash offers if you’re not selling your house

If you own a home, you’ve probably noticed various forms of contact offering to buy your house. There are many ways that house hunters try to find homes to buy. Even if you’re not trying to sell!

These offers can come in the form of:

  • Phone calls
  • Letters or mailers
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Online ads
  • Someone knocking on your door

These types of cash offer scams in Jacksonville are quite common. Most of them hope you don’t know the value of your home. They make lowball offers and tell you they’ll get the deal done fast and in cash.

Desperate homeowners needing money or elderly retirees are the most common victims. Make sure, before you entertain any offer, you know exactly how much your house is worth. An experienced real estate expert can help you value your home accurately.

Suspicious cash offers can come from:

  • Investors
  • House Flippers
  • Home Scammers

And even if you weren’t planning to sell, a skilled salesman can make a deal sound very attractive. Before every discussion an offer, make sure you know for sure you want to sell and your reasons.

The worst mistake is believing a scammer is doing you a favor buying your house

Like we mentioned before, many scammers go after homeowners in a financial bind. As a result, they’ll frame their offer as a huge favor to you. But no matter how hard-up for cash you may be, losing thousands selling your house isn’t a good idea!

Some of the worst cash offer scams in Jacksonville rely on smooth talkers who want to soften you up. Once you believe they have your interest in mind, they’ll make a ridiculous offer price.

This is especially dangerous for retired seniors and homeowners in foreclosure. If you or a loved one are in this situation, it’s good to be on the lookout.

A psychologist and professor at Scripps College in California, Stacey Wood says, “I see these scams a lot when I investigate elder abuse and exploitation cases.”

If you would like to sell but you’re being bombarded with questionable offers, talk to a realtor. An industry insider can help you determine which offers are legitimate and which are suspect.

Cash offers can be completely legitimate and give you great profits, but the wrong one can cause financial disaster.

This is how you can get quick cash offers to sell your house for the best price

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team has seen just about every type of offer. We know that many home sellers prefer to sell for cash. That’s a great way to cut down on red tape and financing. But we want you to stay protected!

Our database of highly qualified buyers can help you get fast, legitimate cash offers when you sell your home. A team of expert realtors will also help you accurately price your house to get the most money.

We will help you avoid cash offer scams in Jacksonville and still get cash when you sell. You’ll get access to all of our resources and connections to find the right buyer. In fact, we’ll literally guarantee it in writing!

To get started setting an acceptable price and marketing to real cash buyers, contact our team right away by calling (904) 544-5252.

You can also fill out this form and we’ll get back to you. This is the best way to ensure you avoid cash offer scams in Jacksonville.

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