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Realtor Thoughts on Buying New Construction vs a Resale Home In Jacksonville

While you may think most people buy homes that have been sold before, it might surprise you to see the actual statistics. Yes, the majority of homes are not new. What is true is that 25% of all home sales are of new homes. That being said, you do not want to completely dismiss the possibility that you could find a new home. Accordingly, here are some realtor insights on pros and cons of buying new construction vs a resale home in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Now that you see that new construction or a resale is a possibility, which should you choose? 

Luckily there is no correct answer to that question. If there was it would be what you, the homebuyer wants!. There are pros and cons of each and here are realtor tips to help you decide whether you want new construction vs a resale home in Jacksonville.

There are advantages to both types of homes. Our new informative report identifies 10 Secrets Every New Home Buyer Should Know. This includes realtor secrets that you probably do not have access to. One is a relatively unknown buyer advantage about builders and key things they will not tell you unless you know what to ask. 

Enjoy this free report to help you make an informed decision on what home is best for you.

The Advantages of Buying a New Construction vs a Resale Home In Jacksonville

New Construction vs a Resale Home In Jacksonville

Starting with purchasing a resale home, here are some advantages to consider. 

  • Existing homes are less expensive on average
  • They generally close faster
  • Offer the security of an established neighborhood
  • Usually better landscaping 

PRO: Naturally a home inspection protects you from any unforeseen issues so you know what you are getting. Another plus is the ability to talk to the previous owners and gain firsthand information about living in the home. This is something you will not be able to do when you are the first and only owner of a home that was just built. In addition the previous owner can tell you about nuances of the home,neighborhood and area including:

  • Heating costs
  • Air conditioning costs
  • Local attractions
  • Neighborhood schools

CON: Some existing homes have needed repairs from time to time. While a home inspection does give you an idea of what to expect, things break. You really cannot gauge when things in the house are going to need to be replaced. When this happens you are going to have to use time and money to fix them. Time while you wait for a repair person between the hours of 9 to 12, or 1 to 6. Money in the form of paying repair people to fix what is broken. 

Additional Benefits Of Purchasing A New Construction vs Resale Home In Jacksonville

PRO: There is nothing like that new house smell. Walking into a house that no other person has lived in can be magical. Imagine a home where every appliance is new. Every wall is painted and there are No old appliances just waiting to break down. A new home or new construction can also offer:

  • New floor plans and designs
  • Energy efficiency
  • Unique options and upgrades
  • New appliances that are all under warranty

CON: Looking over the pro list you probably do not ever want to buy a resale home again. One thing to consider though is who actually built that new home. Some builders and developers put up homes at the speed of a comet. In their wake they throw together structures that are filled with inferior materials and shoddy workmanship.

You Will Love Your New Home, or I’ll Buy It Back

Regardless of what you choose, we have your back. In fact if you do not like your new home or resale home we will buy it back from you. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team gives you an upfront in writing guarantee that as a buyer you will love your new house, and if for some reason you don’t, I Will Buy it Back – Guaranteed!

Contact us (904) 544-5252 to learn the many nuances of new construction vs. resale homes and how our guarantee will protect you. Fill out the form below for more information.


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