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Phil Aitken

Buy a Home Risk Free in Jacksonville and Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Imagine buying a home and finding out it’s not what you need after all. A huge purchase like a house can be scary to commit to. But what if you could buy a home risk free and wash away any uneasiness?

In the unhappy event that you move in and find the house is not everything you dreamed of, you can have your bases covered. Here’s how…

The scary thing about buying a house is that you can’t return it

With most big purchases, there’s usually a way to determine if it’s actually what you want before buying. When you buy a car, you can test drive it. If you purchase expensive clothes, you’re sure to try them on.

Even at the grocery store, sometimes you can taste a sample before you buy a food.

But a house is a much bigger purchase than even a car. And you can typically view a home, walk through it, and get it inspected – but you can’t actually live in it.

What happens if it’s not the house you hoped it would be? 

There could be a lot of reasons you decide a house won’t work for you.

If you’ve already signed on the dotted line, it can feel suffocating if you move in and discover:

  • The house didn’t meet your expectations
  • You lost significant amounts of money on closing the deal
  • Living in the area or safety was very different that you thought
  • Your situation suddenly changed because of work or family
  • The seller failed to notify you of important problems

The scary part is that, if you find yourself in any of these unlucky situations, most of the time you’re stuck.

It’s not like you can drop the house off at a “free returns” location and get your money back!

But, what if there was actually a way to buy a home risk free?

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – the Phil Aitken Home Team can offer that, believe it or not!

Our team of expert realtors knows what a big decision buying a home is. That’s why we offer an exclusive guarantee to buy back your home if it’s not what you want.

Buy a Home Risk Free in Jacksonville and Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Avoid buyer’s remorse when you buy a house in Jacksonville, FL

It’s pretty common for people to make a huge purchase like a house and then have second thoughts. 

What if you’d spent the money on something else? Perhaps this house won’t serve you or make you comfortable. What if you hit hard times financially?

Sometimes the feeling goes away as you settle into your new home. Other times, you decide it actually was the wrong move.

If you know the 10 questions to ask before hiring a realtor, you can rest easy that you chose the right person. They will have a way out for you!

There’s no buyer’s remorse that can’t be fixed with a Buyer’s Cancellation Agreement.

Phil Aitken will buy your home back if it’s not right for you

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – the Phil Aitken Home Team has a special offer. If you buy a house with our team and it doesn’t work for you, we’ll buy it back – guaranteed!

This is an agreement you can get upfront and in writing before you ever make a purchase. This way, you can feel at ease knowing you’ll buy a house risk free and avoid regrets.

If you don’t love your home, we’ll buy it back. It doesn’t matter why!

With a guarantee, you’re covered in any situation.

To find out more about how this special program works, give us a call at (904) 544-5252. You can also get a response quickly by contacting us here.

Getting settled in a home that fulfills your dreams is the ideal situation. We’ll help you do that, knowing that in the worst-case scenario, you’re protected.

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Phil Aitken, Owner/Broker
Phil Aitken is the Owner/Broker with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team and has over 13 years of Real Estate experience. Phil’s faith and desire for his family’s continued security fuel his business growth and leadership. The Phil Aitken Home Team continues to profoundly impact the people of Jacksonville via supporting several faith-based organizations. Phil gives back a portion of every real estate transaction to The Tim Tebow Foundation and Rethreaded. Find Phil's full story here.