9 Tips For Maximizing Kitchen Space

9 Tips For Maximizing Kitchen Space

Whether you own a cozy single-family home or a fashionable tiny house, you might want to learn new methods for maximizing kitchen space.  Well, with a little imagination and some hard work, you can easily transform your kitchen and create some more space.

In this post, the Phil Aitken Home Team has gathered nine tips for getting the most out of your kitchen space.

9 Tips For Maximizing Kitchen Space

1. Purge Clutter

The key to successfully maximizing any small space is to rid yourself of useless clutter.  Go through every kitchen cabinet and drawer and pull out anything you no longer use. Then, decide which items to donate and which to throw away.

2. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

A smaller kitchen will require a vertical approach to storage.  In other words, install shelves on a blank wall, hang a pot rack, utilize magnetic strips for hanging cutlery, and invest in some hooks and rods for towel and apron storage. 

Magnetic spice containers are all the rage and can hang out on oven hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers, or even a file cabinet. These little canisters will enable you to free up cupboard space while maintaining an organized work area in your kitchen.  

3. Invest in High-Quality Items

Many homeowners don’t want to display common, everyday items that aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. For example, most people usually keep their broom and dustpan tucked into a closet rather than out in the open. 

If maximizing your kitchen space is the goal, consider simple upgrades to your most-used items. For example, a wooden broom, natural fiber dish brush, or fancy soap dispenser. Making these common items more beautiful not only spruces up your place, but allows you to free up more storage space.

4. Consider Alternatives to Bulky Appliances

For example, if you don’t already have dishwasher, consider installing a pull-down sprayer and new faucet in your kitchen sink. Or, you could consider purchasing a portable dishwasher if you have enough counter space.    

5. Get a Kitchen Island

If your kitchen has the proper floor space, consider installing an island. Not only does this increase counter space, but it also provides more storage cabinets. A good alternative to standard islands are portable islands. These can be wheeled away when not in use.  

6. Install Good Lighting

Good lighting is key to making a space look larger.  Lighting creates a feeling of warmth and can even invigorate a tired, old kitchen.  Check out decorative bulbs to spruce up dingy fixtures and prepare to be amazed!

7. Update Your Wall Décor

Stark white walls appeal to no one. Think about doing an accent wall in your kitchen.  Resources such as removable wallpaper, decals, simple artwork, mirrors, and paint can awaken an otherwise small, boring space and transform it into a room you actually want to be in.  

8. Display Your Collections

Have a collection of kitchen gadgets, antique china, or hand towels?  Dedicate a corner or window cabinet to display these unique items and add some personality to your kitchen. 

This also doubles as a simple method for adding color to your kitchen.  

9. Add House Plants

Keep your space alive by incorporating a houseplant, goldfish bowl, or tabletop water feature. Living décor will make your space feel fresh and interesting.

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