4 Struggles Driving Female Investors

4 Struggles Driving Female Investors

1. Women need more confidence.

Women are quite knowledgeable and make for skilled investors, however tend to hang back due to the perception of fellow male investors.  In fact, moving forward without reassurances from male counterparts that the right decisions are being made can be daunting and create self-doubt among female investors.  

2. Women don’t have enough time.

The necessary research and time that it takes to move forward successfully in the world of investing is a challenge for both men and women.  However, women struggle against maintaining a household, raising children, being wife or partner and fulfilling traditional societal roles that simply do not allow for the time that is needed to successfully perform the role of active investor.  In fact, Tony Robbins has been known to state that women struggle against the pressures of being supermom at the expense of personal and financial pursuits.  In reality, successful female investors are waking up to the fact that family is not solely about raising children and maintaining a tidy household.  The concept of healthy families coincides with healthy finances and the ladies are moving forward in the investment world in order to create an environment of financial health and well being for their families.  

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3. Women need a little encouragement.

Women thrive in communities.  Whether familial or friendship based, every woman does her best when she feels that a network of people have her back.  Hillary Clinton’s philosophy, “it takes a village”, applied primarily to the business of child rearing, however, that simple phrase became a movement for the weary who began to understand the power of support networks.  Whether single father, over-exhausted mother or financially down and out, there is strength to be drawn from peer support and this is what women investors crave.  The investment industry does not always offer support to fellow business women.  

4. Women are tired of social expectations.  

We are still living in the dark ages when we find it unacceptable or even suspicious for a business woman to experience success.  We began to wonder if her family is neglected, if she is selfish or whether she had inappropriate relationships to get ahead in her field.  This is terribly misrepresentative of the hard work and drive women have to be equally valued and successful in the business world.  Archaic social norms still leave women investors feeling weighed down, especially when their accountants request to “explain the numbers” to their husbands.  In other words, there is still a serious gender gap in the investment world, requiring that women work even harder toward financial investment success. 

In truth, we need more women investors!

Despite the aforementioned struggles, women are unique in their composition in that discouragement will only drive them to work harder and be better.  If you ever want to fuel a woman’s ambitious, tell her she can’t do something.  Your challenge will become the fire in her belly which drives her to work harder, to be smarter and to prove to herself exactly what she can do.  Whether driven by a desire to financially stabilize her household or establish a nest egg for retirement, the 30 percent of females who make up the world of investors are driven by partnerships and support networks.  They are changing the face of real estate investing and revolutionizing the prospect of diversified investments.  We need more women!

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