4 Tips for House Hunting Long Distance

4 Tips for House Hunting Long Distance

House hunting locally is not without its challenges, however, shopping for your next home in one state while living in another is a different ballgame.  Pairing technology with an experienced, professional realtor is key and makes a seemingly impossible task more than possible.  

The Aitken Home Team presents four tips for long-distance house shopping:

1. – Homework is a must!

Everyone hates homework, however, it is imperative that you learn new neighborhoods, school districts, tax systems, where the local banks and grocers are located, etc. in order to adequately prepare for your long-distance move.  The internet is no substitute for a face-to-face perusal of your soon-to-be zip code, however learning about crime rates, school rankings, and work commute can aid in pinpointing the exact neighborhood in which you would like to live.  In addition, the above factors will serve as valuable information in the event that you one day sell the property you are about to purchase.  

This journey is not one to go alone and your realtor can make or break the experience.  Be sure to research local agents to find the right fit for you.  If possible, search for a realtor who specializes in relocation and can work efficiently and expediently within your timeline.  Make sure the agent will stand at the ready to answer any and all questions.

2. – Dust off your calculator!

Most long-distance home buyers severely underestimate the cost of relocation.  Be sure to lay out a strategic budget for securing your new home and don’t forget to factor multiple travel expenses into your budget.  Many times, purchasing a home long-distance requires several trips to the new state in which a buyer will live and factors such as airline tickets, hotel rooms, food, and the rental car should be calculated accordingly.  It is also important to be prepared for a last-minute trip or two!

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3. – Make your list!

Make a list of features you expect to find in your new home.  Know your negotiables versus non-negotiables and be prepared to compromise on petty things.  For example: are you willing to live without a garage?  Do you require a fenced-in yard?  Try to narrow down your list to five “must-haves” and keep it as simple as possible.  Know what you can live with and what you cannot abide by.  This will help your realtor significantly narrow down the options for you.

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4. – Take a leap of faith!

Understandably, the home buyers are not enthused about buying a home before seeing it in person.  However, long-distance moves do not always allow for such opportunities.  In this day and age, your realtor should be able to utilize cyber resources such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype, or even a good “old-fashioned” video conference call in order to allow you a virtual tour of your prospective new home.  You are going to have to move past any anxiety when it comes to signing a purchase agreement and put a little faith in modern technology.  

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