15 Tasks to Complete Prior to Your Big Move

15 Tasks to Complete Prior to Your Big Move

Moving is a generally overwhelming process and the details are endless.  Specific details are best tended to while a home is vacant and can become more tedious once your new residence is filled with boxes and furniture. 

The Aitken Home Team presents 15 tasks to complete prior to moving:

UTILITIESDon’t make the mistake of assuming utilities will be turned on once you arrive at your new residence.  Be sure to have electric, gas, and water turned on prior to your big move as the seller will likely turn them off before vacating.  


Be sure your home is set up for internet and cable service prior to your arrival.  You might need to google take-out options after a day of unloading and unpacking!  


Consider the benefits of ordering a home energy audit prior to your move.  You could save big on your energy bill upon a completed assessment of the home’s overall energy performance and learn how to make your new residence more energy efficient.  You might be surprised to learn that you need thicker insulation in your attic or that you have air leaks in your crawl space.  Ordering an energy audit ahead of time allows for necessary repairs to be completed prior to occupancy.  You can expect to pay approximately $215-$600, however, some utility companies perform this audit free of charge.  


It is ALWAYS easier to deep clean a vacant house than a house filled with boxes and packing debris.  Enjoy a savings of roughly $150 by cleaning the home yourself prior to moving day.  Ask your experienced realtor for a deep cleaning checklist to ensure you don’t miss a spot.


Changing the locks prior to occupancy is crucial.  While this step cannot be completed until after closing, it is important to do this before moving day in order to ensure basic safety.  


It is always wise to check all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors prior to moving and replace all batteries.  Also, make sure that all detectors are not ancient artifacts and update them as needed.


If your new residence comes equipped with an alarm system, be sure to call the company ahead of time to activate the service.  If your home does not already have a home alarm system, be sure to schedule installation and activation prior to your move.  


You will be so happy that you tackled as many home renovations as you could BEFORE you move in as living in a state of construction can be hectic and wreak havoc on the nerves.  Try to tackle all repainting, flooring, and remodeling projects prior to moving day.  Once again, such projects cannot be tackled prior to closing, however, you might be able to get quotes on jobs before you close.  


Address any and all repairs prior to moving day.  There is nothing more discouraging to a new homeowner than having to work with a leaky faucet, a wobbly stair rail, or uneven front porch steps.  


Home warranties are always a smart perk for new homeowners.  Such warranties protect against leaky washing machines, old furnace repairs, and a broken refrigerator.  Basic coverage runs approximately $300.  Be sure to purchase a home warranty prior to occupancy.  

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Be sure to purchase a fire extinguisher for every floor of your new home and have a planned escape route and meeting place posted in the event of an emergency.


This might seem odd but is important to really KNOW your new home.  Know where the breaker box and water shut-off valve are located and be sure to label the electric panel.  


Be sure to plan in advance for ways to best protect the littles!  Implement measures to ensure your children’s safety by childproofing your new home.


Don’t miss out on important snail mail notifications.  Be sure to update a forwarded address with the post office or do so online.  The post office stops forwarding items such as periodicals to your new home sixty days after your move, so be sure to alert the appropriate publications of your relocation.


Be sure to update your new billing address with all financial institutions, banks, and other entities that retain your payment information.  

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