Phil Aitken
Phil Aitken

4 Summer Mishaps & How to Avoid Them

Summer is here!  Let the fun begin!  Fill your calendar with weekend barbecues and evening swims and don’t forget to schedule those trips to the beach!  

Amidst all your planning and socializing it can be easy to make some serious mistakes that are sure to dampen your otherwise hot summer.  The Aitken Home Team has four tips for avoiding the most common summer mishaps:

1. Don’t kill anyone.

A somber warning indeed!  Barbecue parties are all fun until someone gets burned….or poisoned.  The best grill chef can sometimes forget to skip certain safety protocols.  In fact, a surprising 1,700 Americans spend the last twelves summers in the emergency room due to accidentally swallowing grill brush bristles.  If it’s your turn to grill, make sure your equipment is up-to-date, the grill is clean, and that no loose bristles have a chance of falling into the food.  In addition, utilize a meat thermometer to ensure your items are properly cooked.  Perishable foods such as condiments including Mayon and dairy products are best stored in the fridge rather than outdoors.  You don’t want your guests to experience food poisoning.  

2. Play it safe.

Pool drownings are the number one cause of death in Philler boys ages two to four.  Be sure your pool is enclosed by a locked fence and don’t allow the kiddos to play in the yard unattended.  They are crafty little people who know how to navigate the world’s most secure lock and they are expert climbers.  Wet surfaces can also be hazardous and often result in falls and injuries.  Try to utilize slip-resistant textures and flooring or mats around wet areas.  Be sure to clean the pool and surrounding area prior to guest arrivals and ensure your pool is clean by checking the water quality for contaminants and storm debris.  

3. Don’t start fires.

Unfortunately, grills are often the cause of house fires.  Be sure yours is free of leaks and that is clean.  Move the grill as far from your home as possible and DO NOT use it in the garage.  Be sure it has its own separate space away from guests and children.  

4. Be prepared.

The last thing we often think about as we enjoy the summer months is the prospect of dangerous storms.  Southern states are especially prone to hurricanes and severe thunderstorms and preparation are key.  Make sure you have surge protectors and be sure your homeowner’s policy is updated.  Emergency preparedness kits and evacuation routes are also part of good planning and items such as window covers, generators, and batters are also worthy investments.  Solar or battery-powered radios are handy during power outages and don’t even think about driving during heavy rainfall or severe weather watches and warnings.  

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