3 Marketing Tips for Independence Day Seller

3 Marketing Tips for Independence Day Seller

It is not uncommon to spot flag-lined streets throughout subdivisions on the 4th of July.  The prospect of sitting hundreds of our nation’s flags swaying in the breeze invites nostalgia and the pride of true patriots; it leaves a lasting impression.  In fact, this has become a rather clever marketing technique for sellers and realtors alike who leave their contact info with each flag.  

If you are selling your home this month, The Aitken Home Team presents three Independence Day marketing tips to remember:

1. Probably not the time to send out fliers…

If you are all about those fliers, consider that many people leave town for the holidays and the 4th of July is no exception.  It is quite possible that you might be wasting your money should you intend to canvas the nation with your listing flier.  In fact, it is quite possible that your flier could go unnoticed for a solid two weeks.  By the time residents return from vacations to read it, the rain and sunshine will have already had their way with your beautifully designed flier.  In addition, many simply do not read fliers.  Consider whether the costs and efforts of canvasing are going to be effective.  

2.  The power of emotion…

Not many residents are likely to remove the American flag from their yards on the 4th of July.  The flag has a way of striking emotions and creating a real impact among patriots.  The key to effective marketing is the ability to appeal the emotions of the general public.  If flags aren’t your thing, make sure to consider emotion when planning an effective marketing campaign.  

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3. Let it linger…

Nothing is more effective in marketing than a message so powerful that it lingers.  One particular seller elected to provide potted floral arrangements to all of the families in his subdivision who had POW (Prisoner of War) / MIA (Missing in Action) flags posted in their yards.  This was a powerful, lasting memory for these residents as this simple marketing act let them know that their sacrifices mattered and their losses acknowledged.  

The word “marketing” often comes with negative connotations.  People think about being “sold to” and are instantly turned off by the word.  However, successful marketing is often done with thoughtful consideration and kindness; the desire to touch people with a powerful, unforgettable message that makes them feel good.

Of course the best real estate marketing strategies are carefully crafted with experienced professionals whose reputations depend upon your personal success.  

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