15 Valuable Adjectives

15 Valuable Adjectives

Thomas Jefferson was noted for saying that the most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.  The same principle can be true when it comes to composing a solid listing description for your home.  The use of brilliant keywords can often sell a home faster than the mediocre language used to describe a home.  For example, the word “luxurious” has been known to sell bottom-tier homes at a higher than expected price versus homes that had a listing description containing the word “nice” or “homey”.   In fact, “luxurious” often earn an average of $8,965 in additional monies on a home valued at $110,000. 

The Aitken Home Team presents fifteen valuable words to use in your listing description, when applicable, resulting in more money in your pocket:

“Luxurious” has been used in descriptions of homes that were expected to sell for 8.2% less, however, such lingo often alerts buyers that a particular home has high-end finishes.  Such finishes are, of course, major selling points for millennials in particular.  In today’s market, buyers are willing to pay the extra 8.2% to secure homes that can be defined as “luxurious.”  

“Captivating” has sold homes for an average of 6.5% more than expected.  Such descriptive language is more appealing to buyers than “nice” or “cozy”, both of which are open to interpretation.  

“Impeccable” can earn as much as 5.9% above average as it is a rich adjective implying high quality; the home is move-in ready and nothing needs to be done in order to enhance its desirability.  

“Stainless” is a magic word when it comes to kitchen descriptions.  Everyone wants stainless steel appliances.  If you have an average home with stainless steel appliances, boast away!  You could pocket up to five percent more money at closing!  

 “Basketball” might seem like an unusual word choice for a listing description, however, this word can yield as much as 4.5% more than expected.  For example, homes with a basketball court automatically have a huge advantage as this can be a desirable feature for many house hunters.  If you have a mid-tier priced home, this is something to be mentioned in your listing description for sure.

“Landscaped” needs to be used in listing descriptions of properties with well-maintained lawns and foliage.  Think about it.  The word “yard” doesn’t leave much to the imagination.  “Landscaped” or “landscaping” allows a buyer’s mind to wander and imagine beautiful flowers, trimmed hedges, and lush greenery.  This language could rake in 4.2% higher than expected.  

“Granite” is in the same league as “stainless” and implies easy-maintenance, high-end and durable.  It also implies that a home has been updated and boasts additional high-end features.  “Granite” can sell a home for one to four percent high than expected across all price points.  

“Pergola” is a feature not easily found in many listings.  It is equally important to describe features that are not easily found in other homes as it is to boast about high-end features such as granite or stainless steel.  A listing featuring the word “pergola” is more likely to stand out among the competition and can yield four percent higher at the closing table than expected.  

“Remodel” is a great adjective to use in lower price point listings and can earn a seller as much as 2.9% more than expected.  Middle-range homes can earn 1.8% more than expected and top-price listings can gain 1.7% more at closing than expected.  

“Beautiful” can be used too often and for the wrong objects.  However, “beautiful” is great when describing a view or particular piece of the highly desired property.  Lower price listings can earn 2.3% above average when strategically using the word “beautiful”.

“Gentle” is a clever adjective for homes located around hills or in valleys and often encourages buyers to imagine a peaceful, serene environment.  “Gentle” has been known to gain as much as 2.3% above average for top-tier homes.  

“Spotless” can bring an extra 2% to the closing table for lower-priced homes and is definitely worth mentioning in listings that are appropriate for investors, flippers, or first-time buyers.  

“Tile” should be used when describing features such as a backsplash, bathroom, or even flooring.  Tile implies to prospective buyers that a home has been well maintained and can bring in as much as 2% more on average when used in the listing descriptions of bottom-tier homes.  

“Upgraded” often yields 1.8% above average on lower-priced listings.  Upgrades always put smiles on the faces of buyers and are often indicative of a home’s aesthetic value and function.  Make sure to include details about certain upgrades so as not to mislead buyers.  

“Updated” is similar to “Upgraded” in that it works to describe the quality of a property and usually implies that something old has been replaced with something new.  Moderately priced homes have been known to sell for 0.8% higher than expected when using the word “updated” appropriately.  

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It is important to use descriptive language in listings only when applicable so as not to mislead prospective buyers or misrepresent a listing.  Your experienced real estate agent will be a pro at composing an effective listing description.  Remember: they want your home to sell just as much as you do.

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