Which City is Better: Nocatee or Fleming Island?

Which City is Better: Nocatee or Fleming Island?

Planning to move to Florida and can’t decide between Nocatee or Fleming Island? Deciding which city to call home is a huge decision for any home buyer moving to a new state. There are many considerations to make, and everyone has their own preferences.

If you can’t decide which of these two beautiful Florida cities you want to live in, this quick guide can help. Our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Phil Aitken Home Team will break down some of the similarities and differences between the two. That way, you can choose the city that’s the best fit.

Is Nocatee Cheaper Than Fleming Island?

Naturally, cost of living is at the top of many people’s lists when deciding which city to live in. Depending on where you live in Florida, you can encounter a cost of living that’s much higher or lower than the national average. 

For Nocatee and Fleming Island in particular, here are a few statistics on how the costs of living in each city stack up against each other:

  • The overall cost of living in Fleming Island is nearly 13% lower than in Nocatee
  • Housing costs are 43.7% lower in Fleming Island 
  • Food and groceries are 3% lower in Fleming Island 
  • Transportation costs are about 3% lower in Nocatee 
  • Health-related costs are 4% lower in Nocatee 

Winner: Fleming Island

Which is Bigger?

Aside from the cost of living, another factor to consider is the population size and density of the area you’re interested in. Where some people might prefer the hustle and activity of a metropolitan area, others may want a quieter, small-town atmosphere.

  • The Nocatee population is 14,311
  • The Fleming Island population is 31,930 

While Fleming Island has a larger population than Nocatee, the physical size of each city is roughly the same– around 23 square miles. In addition, each city offers residents a suburban feel, with each one only half an hour outside Jacksonville. 

However, Nocatee is the better choice for those wanting a less crowded place closer to the ocean, while Fleming Island is perfect for those wanting a slightly more dense suburban environment.

Winner: Fleming Island

What Are The Housing Markets Like in Each City?

If you’re looking to purchase a new home, the state of the housing market is likely top of mind for you. So, how do the Nocatee and Fleming Island housing markets compare? Overall, Fleming Island is an older, more established area than Nocatee, with lower home costs.

  • On average, homes in Fleming Island are 13 years older than in Nocatee
  • Median home costs in Nocatee are $127,500 more expensive than Fleming Island
  • Property taxes are 1.4% higher in Nocatee
  • Nocatee has 11.1% more vacant homes
  • Since 2015, Nocatee has had 40.3% more new housing construction

Nocatee is experiencing a huge demand for new homes, though both cities are seeing an increase in new home construction. If a newly constructed home is your goal, then Nocatee is probably the better choice. If you’re looking for an overall cheaper home, then Fleming Island should be at the top of your list.

Winner: Fleming Island

What is Nocatee Known For?

Given its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Nocatee is well known for its beautiful beaches. In addition, Nocatee has a number of parks and wildlife preserves, including Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine, Nocatee Preserve, and Deep Creek State Forest.\

It’s also known as a great place for families and has great schools. Overall, this makes it a great spot for anyone who wants to be closer to nature, without having to sacrifice access to the nightlife and activity of nearby Jacksonville.

What is Fleming Island Known For?

Fleming Island is located right along the St. Johns River, which makes it great for water-based activities without having to drive over to the beach, which is about 40 minutes away. 

Like Nocatee, it also offers beautiful green spaces as well as close proximity to the attractions of the Jacksonville metro area.

Popular natural areas and parks in Fleming Island include Doctors Lake, Black Creek Park and Trail, and Alpine Groves Park. The city is also highly rated for families and is known for its great schools.

Phil Aitken Can Help You Find The Right Home in Nocatee or Fleming Island

Still need help deciding At the end of the day, each city is a great place to live, whether you’re new to Florida or have been a resident of the state for years.

If you still have questions about the differences between Nocatee and Fleming Island, our experienced agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Phil Aitken Home Team can help you out.

We’ve been helping home buyers find their dream homes in these areas for years, and we know we can do the same for you. On top of that, we offer several buyer’s guarantees that can protect you during the buying process. Give us a call today at (904) 544-5252 to learn more about Nocatee and Fleming Island, or to get started buying a house with us. You can also fill out the form below.


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