Phil Aitken
Phil Aitken

The 12 Tips of Christmas

With only twenty-two days until Christmas, there isn’t much time left to make necessary holiday preparations.  Amidst all the shopping and planning, don’t forget the little people who have the largest impact on your lifestyle.  

The Aitken Home Team presents the twelve most important tips of the Christmas season:

Landscaper – Depending on the frequency of your landscaper’s attention to your property, an appropriate Christmas tip can range from $20 to a week’s pay.  Infrequent visits such as quarterly or semi-annually are worthy of $20-$100 tips.  However, if your landscaper is rather active at your residence either weekly or monthly, don’t underestimate the value of their time and attentiveness!  Tip them as much as a week’s worth of pay.  Remember: appreciated employees work hardest.  

Pool Crew – If you have a pool service that tends to your pool regularly, it is appropriate to tip the full price of one cleaning.  If pool service is tended by a different employee each visit, then you do not need to tip.

Newspaper Carrier – It is important to express appreciation, if only annually, for those who are often overlooked.  Consider tipping your newspaper carrier $10-$30 or the price of one month’s subscription.    

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Waste Management – Private service: $10-$30.  Public Service: be sure to contact the company as some services do not allow customers to tip their employees.  

Handyman – If you utilize services rarely, a $15-$40 tip is appropriate.  If you find yourself calling upon the services of your handyman on a more regular basis, such as weekly, consider $75-$100.  

Daycare – Childcare is a big job and enormous responsibility, especially when caring for children who are not your own.  Consider tipping your individual daycare workers $35-$75 each employee or purchase individual gifts for them.  In this particular event, it will be the thought which counts.  

Property Manager – If you are renting an apartment or home, your building superintendent would be thrilled to receive a gift of $20-$100, depending on the quality of service you have experienced.  This particular position is typically one of great work and little appreciation.  If your super know you appreciate their efforts, they might be more inclined to continue to provide excellent, expedient service.  

Auto Mechanic – Never underestimate the importance of a good mechanic!  If you see yours on a regular basis, a $20-$50 tip is appropriate.  

Christmas Tree Delivery Service – Well, it IS the season!  If you are a live Christmas tree patron, be sure to express your gratitude to your delivery person(s)!  A gift of $20 is great for door-to-door service.  If the assistance consisted of bundling and loading your tree atop your vehicle, a $5 tip is appropriate.  

Doctor’s Office – This might seem odd, but a simple gift of a popcorn tin or prepackaged cookies are a great way to express appreciation to your physician and staff.  Monetary gifts are not appropriate and likely not permissible.  If you intend to gift your physician with a food product, be sure it is prepackaged and not something you’ve baked in the privacy of your own home.  Many physician’s offices cannot partake of home-baked goods due to health concerns.  You could also give the gift of lunch to the office staff!  Consider catering with Panera Bread Company or having a pizza lunch dropped off.  Be sure to give advance notice to the office staff.  

Realtor/Broker –  If you have recently enjoyed the services of a realtor or broker, take them out to lunch or dinner!  Realtors work hard and are often disregarded upon closing.  Be sure to let them know you appreciate them and keep the relationship open.  If they have done a good job, they deserve the appreciation.  

Dry Cleaner – Dry cleaning is normally a group effort.  A simple gift of donuts or baked bread and coffee will do.

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