Living in Orange Park, FL

Living in Orange Park, FL

Fast Facts About Orange Park, FL

What to know about living in Orange Park…

Population (2020): 8,412

Distance from: 

  • Jacksonville, FL: 26min
  • Orlando, FL: 2hrs 12min
  • Miami, Fl: 5hrs 12min

Nearest airport:

Median income (2020): 

  • Individual: $47,631
  • Household: $58,093

County: Clay County

Type of location: Town

Why is Orange Park a Nice Place to Live?

Orange Park, Florida is a suburb of Jacksonville. Nestled south of Florida’s capital, it sits next to the St. Johns River and Doctor’s Lake. Even with Florida’s meteoric growth in the 20th century, the roots of this town go much deeper. Originally, a Boston development company created a small community and retreat that started the town. Being in Florida, orange trees were planted on the plots of land being sold. This contributed to the town’s name given in the late 19th century. Living in Orange Park, you are right next to two major military installations. One is the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. The other is the Jacksonville Naval Hospital. 

Top 3 Schools In Orange Park

A bustling suburb, many call Orange Park home. Here are the top 3 schools for families living in Orange Park to send their children:

  • Orange Park Elementary
  • Robert Paterson Elementary
  • Oakleaf High School

What is Orange Park Known For?

For those living in Orange Park, there are far too many activities to list here. Here are five to start your list when you move to this Florida town.

The Natural Healing Day Spa

Pamper yourself with this journey into inner healing, relaxation, and overall wellness. The Natural Healing Day Spa will reenergize you for whatever lies ahead!

Eagle Landing Golf Club

The Eagle Landing Golf Club is a beautiful and challenging golf course. Get ready to relax and hone your golf skills.

Black Creek Trail

Even with all the hustle and bustle of suburban life you can always get back to nature at the Black Creek Trail. The trail is perfect for a scenic walk, jog, or spin through the wooded areas along the trail.

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

Take a break and visit the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. See a number of exotic animals in their natural habitat.

Atlantic Beach

You cannot live on the Florida coast and not go to the beach. Nearby Atlantic Beach promises a day in the sun along the Florida shore.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Orange Park?

There are plenty of places in Orange Park to get a bite. Here are some of the top rated:

  • Enza’s Italian Restaurant, Southern Italian food that explodes with freshness and taste
  • OP Fish House & Oyster House, Ocean Fresh Oysters for the hardcore sea lover
  • Palermo Puerto Rican Kitchen, A fusion of Caribbean, Latin & Spanish flavors
  • Little Saigon Cafe, Pho and Vietnamese specialty dishes
  • Irie Diner Caribbean Restaurant, Tantalizing caribbean specialties that burst with flavor

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