How To Prepare For A Hurricane in Florida – 5 Quick Tips

How To Prepare For A Hurricane in Florida – 5 Quick Tips

Wondering how to prepare for a hurricane in Florida? Hurricane season is a realistic concern for many Floridians. The season typically arrives the first week of June and lasts until late November.

Having a plan in place to deal with the consequences of a hurricane or tropical storm is essential for any homeowner or prospective home buyer in Florida.

But if you’ve never made a plan before or you’re new to the area, you may not know where to begin. Below, we’ll take a look at five tips on how to prepare for a hurricane in Florida

Image of a hurricane heading towards Florida. Learning how to prepare for a hurricane in Florida is essential for homeowners.

5 Tips On How To Prepare For A Hurricane in Florida

1. Become familiar with your community’s disaster preparedness plan

Many communities will have a disaster preparedness plan in place. Above all, make sure to know your area’s evacuation route. Select a common meeting place or single point of contact for all family members. If you have pets, have a plan for their evacuation as well.

2. Prepare ahead of time if possible to secure your property

Permanent storm shutters offer the best protection for windows. However, if that is not an option, then board up windows with 5/8” marine plywood. All you have to do is cut it to fit your window properly. Sadly, tape does not prevent windows from breaking.

3. Keep important documents ready to go

This includes documents like legal papers, birth certificates, marriage license, financial papers, and insurance policy information. If you have any other valuables, such as jewelry, that you want to bring with you, keep some waterproof containers in reach next to them. That way, if there’s ever an evacuation you won’t have to waste time grabbing containers in a separate area of your house.

4. Have a supply of water and non-perishable food

Store enough food and water for your entire household in case you become stranded in your home. Other items like flashlights, radios, and first-aid kits are important to keep handy as well.

5. Charge electronic devices ahead of time

Power-outages are common during a hurricane. So if you know a storm is coming, be sure to charge your electronics before it arrives. Also, fill your vehicles up with gas in case there’s an evacuation and you need to be ready to leave.

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