How Can I Own My Own Home and Stop Paying Rent?

How Can I Own My Own Home and Stop Paying Rent?

It’s a dream we all have to own our own home and stop paying rent. If you’re like most renters, you feel trapped within the walls of a home or apartment that doesn’t feel like yours.

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How can you own your own home and stop paying rent? 

If you feel like you’re stuck in the renter’s rut with no way of rising out of it and owning your own home, Don’t Pay Another Cent in Rent to Your Landlord Before You Read This FREE Special Report titled How To Stop Paying Rent and Own Your Own Home.

Here are a few things you can do to stop paying rent and buy your own home.

You Can Buy a Home with Much Less Down than You Think

Some government programs, such as the first-time buyer programs, help people get into the housing market. 

Even if your spouse had owned a home before, you could qualify as a first-time buyer if your name was not registered.

Ensure your real estate agent is informed and knowledgeable in this important area and can offer programs to help you with your options.

You May Be Able to Find a Seller to Help You Buy and Finance Your Home

Some sellers may be willing to hold a second mortgage for you as a “seller take-back.” In this case, the seller becomes your lending institution.

Instead of paying this seller a lump-sum total amount for their home, you would pay monthly mortgage installments. This could be a more cost-efficient way to buy.

You Can Buy a Home Even if You Have Problems with Your Credit Rating

If you can come up with more than the minimum down-payment or secure the loan with other equity, many lending institutions will still consider you for a mortgage if you have problems with your credit. 

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty- Phil Aitken has preferred mortgage lenders that have many ways to help you improve your credit and find the best programs to qualify you based on poor credit.

You Will Love Your New Home or I’ll Buy It Back-Guaranteed 

Once you qualify for pre-approval, it is essential to know we have an insurance policy in place for you. We guarantee, upfront and in writing, that you, the buyer, will love your new home, and if for some reason you don’t, I will buy it back. 

Learn more about how your satisfaction can be guaranteed. A FREE special report has been prepared entitled You Will Love Your New Home, or I’ll Buy It Back.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty- Phil Aitken Home Team is ready to get you out of the renter’s rut and begin your home buying search today. Call us at (904) 544-5252 or fill out the form below and start packing!


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