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5 Tips for Social Media

We are living in the social media era.  Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat (to name a few) now rule the way the world communicates and the avenue by which house hunters prefer to shop.  The gratification is instant, making the hunt shorter as the process of “weeding out” unwanted properties is vastly more efficient when performed online rather than on foot.  

Needless to say, rookie photography has become a key component of the social media world. In fact, many home sellers utilize Instagram as a means of marketing their properties. You might be one such seller. Perhaps you are looking for a few tips to consider as you carefully select home photos for your next post.

1. #KeepItClean

Rarely are the homes that you see in a given post as clean as they appear. It is impossible to wipe away every speck of dust, every minute crumb from the kitchen table and every hair shed by Fido. Unless you own a magic wand…? The point is that you want your home to appear tidy, not spotless. Straighten up crooked pillows, wall art, scattered coffee table magazines, and put away the kids’ toys. Maybe light a candle. If you have a fireplace, consider utilizing that for your photoshoot as well. Make your home appear warm and inviting; a place where consumers can imagine themselves relaxing, celebrating holidays, and enjoying a peaceful evening with family and friends. You are selling your home, therefore you must sell the photo, in a sense.

2. #NaturalLighting

As with all photography, both professional and beginner level, lighting is a key element. Preferably, natural lighting, which has the magical ability to make the appearance of a space look larger, brighter, and fresher (a.k.a. updated). Your ultimate goal is to make your home “photogenic”. Natural lighting goes a long way in accomplishing this goal. Don’t forget to incorporate pops of color via pillows, framed photos, or an eclectic rug. Draw your viewers in by making your photos aesthetically pleasing.

3. #TellYourStory

All good social media posts tell a story that compels an audience to follow the poster and dig deeper; to want to see more. Your photos ought to achieve the same. While you might only capture a single moment in time, shots that feature an inviting dining table with room for eight have a tendency to capture a viewer’s imagination as they ponder hosting fabulous dinner parties in your home. Perhaps you might stage your table as a place to play cards and enjoy coffee or style it as an advantageous craft space.  Your photos need to appeal to the emotions of a viewer.

4. #BalanceIsEverything

Staging your photos is helpful, however, you still want your home to appear inhabited. Don’t over-stage and achieve the opposite effect by making your home look as though you have never lived there. It is okay to incorporate some real-life into your pics. For example, take a picture of your family gathered together for Thanksgiving in front of your fireplace while showcasing your beautiful hearth and mantle. Don’t forget to snap photos of your children enjoying your spacious backyard or your pets running hither and yon as you capitalize on your well-manicured flower beds. Relatable posts tend to do much better on social media than sterile, uninviting, and cold photos.  Besides, who doesn’t love a good dog photo?

5. #KnowYourAngle

No need to hire a professional in order to acquire great social media photos. However, understanding the importance of angles can go a long way to snapping the perfect shot. Make sure to line things up! For example, if you are taking a picture of a bookshelf, make sure it lines up straight in the lens of your camera, straight up and straight down. Don’t try to get too creative by incorporating strange angles, thus making a room look smaller, cluttered, or dark.

If you are not comfortable showcasing your own photos on social media, you can rest assured that your professional realtor will take many high-quality photos of your home, both interior, and exterior.  Consult your agent regarding the best photos to select for social media.

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