Phil Aitken
Phil Aitken

5 Superbowl Advantages for Sellers

The Super Bowl has been known to spur many would-be home shoppers into action.  The real estate market has traditionally launched to new heights succeeding past Super Bowls.  The Aitken Home Team presents 5 Super Bowl advantages for sellers:

1. – Unity Under One Roof

Football has the unique ability to unite many people together regardless of race, religion, age, and a parfait of additional characteristics.  In many ways, football is what binds our nation together.  Or maybe it’s the hot wings, beer, chip dip, and overstuffed furniture?  

Some realtors consider the Super Bowl Sunday kick-off to be the launch of a new market season.  This seems to be the time in which many prospective homeowners start to think about shopping for a new house.  Perhaps such motivation stems from creative Super Bowl commercials, the desire for a larger man cave in which to enjoy the succeeding year’s Super Bowl, or the realization that one can host only ten guests in a given family room versus fifty.  Such factors are certainly something to think about if you are one of many sellers on the fence about putting your home on the market soon.  

2. – Exciting Open House Theme

Experienced realtors enjoy creativity and know-how to incorporate just the right touches to lure in prospective buyers.  Whether utilizing tools such as ambient music, catering, or colorful decor, an experienced agent will find the prospect of hosting a Super Bowl-themed open house appealing.  Timing an open house to coincide with the start of the Super Bowl can invite serious buyers to tour your home if they know they won’t need to miss a second of the game.  There are not likely to be many open houses taking place during the Super Bowl, so this will give homeowners a leg up and the opportunity to catch travelers who are on their way to Super Bowl parties.  Remember: rare open houses make for less competition!  

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3. – Party Time

Even realtors enjoy a good party and the opportunity to make their jobs fun.  Agents can utilize Super Bowl Sunday as an opportunity to run a party for their clientele.  Consider asking your agent to host an open house the week BEFORE the Super Bowl.  Invite friends and neighbors over for great food and make it a night to remember.  Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising and everyone knows someone who is in the market for a new home.  

4. – Social Media Marketing Advantages

If parties aren’t your thing, enjoy the advantage of working with an experienced realtor in order to develop creative Facebook Super Bowl-themed marketing posts.  Utilize colorful football graphics combined with real estate art humorous plays on words.  Incorporate fun tips about dip recipes and your knowledge of football stats to attract attention to your posts.  

5. – Touchdown Offer

Do not miss your opportunity for a touchdown!  It is easy to sit back, relax and recognize that the market is about to take off, but you need to plant some seeds.  Don’t be apathetic!  Act now and fight for your team and you could get the offer you have been waiting for!

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