Important Facts to Selecting an Agent

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team

Important facts to selecting an agent

After successfully selling hundreds of homes in the area, I can tell you with confidence what works and what doesn’t to get your home sold for the best result:

  • FACT #1: There is no substitute for proven aggressive marketing on your home. Effective marketing calls out to the buyers most qualified to buy your home. The right marketing on your home will say the right things, be in the right place at the right time, and compel qualified buyers to pick up the phone to find out more. The process of attracting buyers to your home cannot be left to chance. The exact words used to promote your home are critical. Our advertising is so effective that, at any one time, we are working with a database of over 300 qualified buyers.
  • FACT #2: According to Real Estate consultant Bernice Ross, a lower commission does not guarantee you will net more on your homesale. There is a “Big Lie” in real estate. t’s the lie that reducing the commission always results in more money for the seller. Nothing could be further from the truth. Virtually all sellers want to obtain the highest price possible for their property. No matter what you are selling, maximum exposure to the marketplace is the critical factor in achieving the highest price possible. Companies and agents who cut services in exchange for taking a lower commission often cost clients much more than the extra one to three percent they save in commission. Depending on price, the cost can be tens of thousands of dollars.
  • FACT #3: There’s a big difference between just selling your home, and getting your home sold ‘right’. There are many things to do to get your home sold for the best possible result. An agent who operates all by themselves really has to hustle to make it all happen the way it should, and it’s tough for a ‘lone wolf when s/he’s juggling more than one listing. Most likely, important details will fall through the cracks. I know this from experience because I used to be a one man show. But, just as doctors, lawyers and other professionals hire assistants to handle the small but important details that do not require their expertise; I also pioneered this same process in my Real Estate business and thus have an excellent Team to ensure that you are always our top priority, and that we are never too busy to address your needs.
  • FACT #4: Listing a home for an unrealistically high price almost always results in an unrealistically low selling price. The price a home sells for is subject to the law of supply and demand. When a home is priced too high vs. comparable homes in the area, prospective buyers won’t bother to view it. Why? Because they are able to view other homes with similar features that are listed for a lower price. As a result, the home that is listed too high sits on the market for a long time causing prospective buyers to assume there is something wrong with it. In order to get things moving, a price reduction is often required, and in the end, the home can end up selling for much less than it would have if it had been priced correctly in the first place.

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According to a recent survey by the MLS, 28% of all homes did not sell with the agent the sellers chose to list with the first time. Unfortunately many of these same sellers failed to sell their home again when they relisted with the same agent. This has led to lost income for these home sellers.

It will cost you nothing to discuss this sale with us, but not calling us, according to the survey referred to above, it could be hazardous to your bank account.


1) We GUARANTEE, in writing, that your home will sell at a price acceptable to you, GUARANTEED or we will buy it! No Gimmicks. It is all in writing.

2) We’ve copied and pasted a screen shot of our Buyers-In-Waiting database as proof that we can make such a bold guarantee as we have.

3) These are buyers that have registered with us and want to buy homes. Because we have so many well qualified Buyers you get more money in less time and with less hassle!

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There is a difference in real estate agents, the services they provide and the results you get. You owe it to yourself to see first-hand the difference that can benefit you.


Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team

We sell our listings for 2.7% more in sales price. This means real dollars in YOUR pocket.

We sell nearly 98% of our listings compared to the average agent who only sells 72% of their listings. Don’t take the chance with the average agent’s track record.

Per MLS, the average agent sells a home in 39 days while The Phil Aitken Home Team average time for selling a home is only 7.4 days!

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Phil Aitken Home Team

If you look closely you will notice that we have over 3,325 home buyers looking for a home in your area AND 300+ of them are High Quality Home Buyers that need a home ASAP. Within 72 hours of listing your home for sale, we will activate a “Search and Match” of your home features to the buyers in our database. We are so confident of selling your home at your price, that we guarantee it in writing.

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“Expired” with another agent after being on the market for 154 days. Phil listed the property and had an “accepted offer” within 6 days & Closed!

“Canceled” with another agent after being on the market for 200 days. Phil listed the property and had a FULL PRICE “accepted offer” within 3 days & Closed!

“Expired” with another flat fee / do it yourself broker after being on the market for 106 days. Phil listed the property and had “Multiple Offers” in a matter of days!

“Canceled” For Sale By Owner after not being able to sell the home. Phil listed the property and had an “accepted offer” within 1 day & Closed!

“Canceled” with another agent after being on the market for 111 days. Phil listed the property and had an “accepted offer” within 1 day & Closed!